Social Justice at CCRCE

What does social justice mean to you?

At CCRCE social justice means that all students have the right to attend safe, welcoming schools, that all people are equal and that we do not discriminate against others. Our Social Justice Framework says that everyone - regardless of gender, race, abilities, class or sexual orientation - has the right to be WHO they are.

Shelley MacLean

  • Coordinator of African Canadian Education & Services
  • 902-897-8955

Melody Martin-Googoo

  • Coordinator of Mi'kmaq Education & Services
  • 902-897-8955

CCRCE's anti-bullying program, Stand Up. Speak Out.and ideas like restorative justice are part of the Social Justice Framework too. You can learn more about both by talking to:

Glenn Thompson

  • School Climate & Relational Approach Consultant
  • 902-896-5731

Social Justice Framework Poster can be downloaded here.