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CCRCE News: 
Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spring Street Academy Students Support Ugandan School

Thanks to the initiative of Mme. Mari Robertson, Grade 4 French Immersion teacher at Spring Street Academy, Principal Caleb Twinimatsiko and Mrs. Hope Twinimatsiko visited from Bishop McAllister College in Western Uganda where Mme. Robertson has been a volunteer teacher. With inspiration from teacher, Daren White, SSA students and staff eagerly fundraised for soccer balls and skipping ropes for Bishop McAllister, a school of 700 students. On September 17th, Mme. Robertson revealed that the money raised by SSA students, purchased a great deal of athletic equipment for the Ugandan school. Pictures of very happy students in Uganda enjoying the generosity of SSA were shared. Principal Caleb thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart; SSA students and staff were all touched by his gratitude. The assembly was a wonderful celebration of kindness, cooperation and understanding that is not limited to our own community or even country. It is truly a gift to help fill other peoples’ backpacks with positive experiences!