Monthly Reports

What does social justice mean to you?

At CCRCE social justice means that all students have the right to attend safe, welcoming schools, that all people are equal and that we do not discriminate against others. Our Social Justice Framework says that everyone - regardless of gender, race, abilities, class or sexual orientation - has the right to be WHO they are.

Shelley MacLean

Adaptations - Strategies and/or resources specific to the strengths and needs of a student, to help the student meet the outcomes of Nova Scotia's PSP.  These may include, but are not limited to:  Organizational Strategies, Environmental Strategies, Presentation/Instructional Strategies, Motivational Strategies, Assessment Strategies, Resources such as assistive technology, various print formats, teacher-made manipulatives and models, mentors, and direct or indirect program support

As part of our mission, CCRCE strives to create safe and inclusive learning environments at all of our schools. We know that when students develop personal connections and feel a sense of belonging at school, it increases our students’ well-being and their readiness to learn.

CCRCE is now welcoming all incoming Primary students to register for school for September 2022. Children who reside in the province of Nova Scotia and reach the age of five (5) years on or before December 31, 2022 are eligible for enrolment in the Primary Program beginning September 2022. Children are expected to register with their catchment area school.

Before the start of next school year, please be prepared to show the following documentation: