Monthly Reports

Public Health has confirmed that a case of COVID-19 is connected to Hants East Rural High School. 

Please Note: NSHA has made a correction to the letter parents/guardians received earlier. All students and staff do not need to be tested –only those identified by Public Health.

The school will receive a deep cleaning over the weekend and will reopen to staff on Monday. At-home learning will go ahead as scheduled next week. 

As many are aware, we have had technical issues with our inclement weather text notifications list. As we work to fix this, we will be sending a TEST text message out tomorrow midday (Wednesday, February 9, 2022).

Before sending this test, we ask anyone who has already signed up to receive the inclement weather texts on our CCRCE website to also confirm their opt-in with our service provider. Please text Yes to the Canadian short code number 724665 to receive a confirmation you have registered for SchoolMessenger (our service provider).