Regular Public Board Meeting: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Media Release: 
Monday, May 11, 2015

The Regular Public Board Meeting of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board will take place this Wednesday, May 13, 2015, beginning at 7:00 pm in the gymnasium at EB Chandler Junior High, 28 Dickey Street, Amherst. 


i. Call to Order

ii. Record of Attendance

iii. Approval of Agenda:

a) Additions

b) Deletions

iv. Presentation - Showcase Production Society ~ Janice Melanson

v. Presentation: School Climate Data ~ Frank Lambert - Consultant, School Climate and Safety, Stephanie Isenor-Ryan - Coordinator of Student Services, Sarah Deveau - Data Specialist

vi. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting: April 8, 2015 April 15, 2015

vii. Business Arising from Minutes:

viii. Correspondence

ix. Reports from Standing Committees:

a) Committee-of-the-Whole ~ Keith MacKenzie

b) Education Services ~ Vivian Farrell

c) Financial Services ~ Ron Marks

d) Human Resources Services ~ Kaaren Barkhouse

e) Operational Services ~ Adam Davies

x. Superintendent’s Report

xi. Chair’s / Vice-Chair’s Report

xii. Communications Report ~ Debbie Buott-Matheson

xiii. NSSBA Report ~ Mackie Ross

xiv. Department of Education Report ~ Denise Bell

xv. New Business

  • Motion of Censure

xvi. Notice of Motion

xvii. Public Question Period

xviii. In-Camera Session

xix. Date of Next Meeting: June 10, 2015 - Truro Elementary School, Truro NS

xx. Adjournment