Minister's Panel on Education Releases Report

Media Release: 
Thursday, October 30, 2014


The Minister's Panel on Education released a report today, Disrupting the Status Quo: Nova Scotians Demand a Better Future for Every Student. The report contains seven themes that represent what almost 19,000 Nova Scotians said are the most important issues to improve the system. Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey accepted the report and announced she will begin immediately on an action plan to create changes in the education system. 

The report focuses on areas where a compelling case can be made for change and the greatest areas of concern for Nova Scotians. The themes of the report are:

  • Strengthen the curriculum to transform teaching and learning 
  • Make high-quality teaching the norm in every classroom
  • Prepare today's students for tomorrow's opportunities
  • Ensure that inclusion is working for everyone
  • Create a positive climate for learning
  • Collaborate for improved student health and well-being
  • Build a modern-day structure for teaching and learning