Leadership and Administrative Services

Responding to the challenges presented by students with special needs requires commitment, compassion and co-ordination of programs, services and support.  Moreover, effective and efficient delivery of service demands visionary leadership.

The Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education recognizes the need for leadership excellence at all levels (regional, family of schools and school) to ensure that programs and services for students with special needs are carefully planned and delivered effectively and equitably throughout the region's schools.

At the regional level, overall leadership is the responsibility of the Director of Education Services.  As a member of the Senior Management Team, the Director provides leadership and co-ordination for all aspects of programs and student services throughout the region, including programs and service delivery for students with special needs.

The primary responsibility for student services - related leadership, co-ordination and administration at the regional level rests with the Coordinator of Student Services.  

At the Family of Schools level, the Student Services Consultant is the key to co-ordinated, effective and efficient program planning and delivery of service to and by the schools in the Family.  

At the school level, responsibility for leadership rests with the school principal.  Fundamentally, it is the role of the principal to ensure that the school promotes, plans for, provides for and supports the growth and development of each student.