Student Services Documents

The documents listed below are specific to CCRCE.  Most are explanations of procedures/guidelines for the implementation of CCRCE policies.  Others were prepared by staff as user-friendly reference materials related to specific programs and/or services and have been listed below since they are particularly relevant to Student Services. 

Appeal Guidelines, CCRCE (IPP Appeal): 

Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of Student Learning: 


Career Exploration Program (CEP):

Continuous School Improvement (CSI) 

Continuum of Interventions (Coming soon!)

Crisis Response Tragic Event Response Intervention, Procedure (Under review, May 2015.)

Emergency Evacuation of Buildings (To be added when available.)

Instructional Framework: 

Use of Service Dogs by Students:

Social Justice Framework:

Student Transportation, Administrative Procedures, Section J, Special Needs: 

Teacher Assistants: