Career Exploration Program: Springhill Junior/Senior High School

The Career Exploration Program (CEP) at Springhill Junior/Senior High School is a three year program (Grades 10, 11 and 12) that offers students an opportunity to learn valuable workplace skills and experience while earning their Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma.

Our students have many opportunities for hands-on learning including Property Services and Food Services. We are fortunate to have the NSCC Cumberland Campus here in Springhill and we take advantage of the opportunities it provides with test drives, tours, consultations, and college prep coordinator meetings as well as many others.

CEP students go out on work placement twice a year, once in the Fall and again in the Spring, to gain experience and learn about a particular career that may interest them. Our students review safety training, Occupational Health and Safety, and WHIMIS practices with their teachers before placement can begin.

Our students take great pride in being fully integrated into the high school culture and participate on many committees, clubs, and varsity sports at both the junior and senior high levels. They have the same time tables, changing classes like the rest of the student body and having the same break and lunch periods. They have won awards at end of the year ceremonies in academics, sports, and achievement they have earned over their three years here at Springhill Junior Senior High.

Programs available at Springhill Junior/Senior High School:

Career Exploration Program Application Form & Community Reference Form

*Students interested in applying for the Career Exploration Program should contact school administration for more information.