Career Exploration Program: North Nova Education Centre

The Career Exploration Program (CEP) at North Nova Education Centre is a three year program (Grades 10, 11 and 12) that offers students an opportunity to learn valuable workplace skills and experience while earning their Nova Scotia High School Graduation Diploma. At North Nova Education Centre, students in CEP have the opportunity to select an area of study that best meets their talents and career interests. Some of the Career Exploration programs are completed in 1 year, while others can be taken for 2 years, if a student chooses. Students are welcome to explore various programs during the 3 years at NNEC.

Our automotive program is in high demand among students at NNEC. Students learn about all vehicle systems in the hands-on setting of our garage. Every day, students work on vehicles in need of various repairs and maintenance including tire changes and balancing, oil changes, brake work, and welding, among other things. Students also experience the business aspect of mechanics as they complete service requests, write bills, and deal with customers.

In the Retail Program students are learning about successful business practices while they visit local business people, take on business ventures within the school, and open and operate a school store.

Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping trades are the main focus of our Building Services Program at NNEC. Students have the opportunity to learn all aspects of home construction as they build stand alone miniature homes. Students in this class spend a great deal of time in the community as they explore the trades at work in the local area and participate in on-site work projects.

While part of the student's day is spent in a real-life work setting, students also attend their academic classes each day. The hands-on nature of CEP classes is continued in all academic classes at NNEC. Students typically enroll in Math, Science, English, Art and Phys Ed at the grade 10 level and then complete credits in Biology, Geology, Math, English Communications, Mi'kmaw Studies, and Global Geography during their grade 11 and 12 years. In addition to the Nova Scotia graduation requirements, students in the Career Exploration Program complete certification in WHMIS, Passport to Safety, and First Aid.

Programs available at North Nova Education Centre:

Career Exploration Program Application Form & Community Reference Form

*Students interested in applying for the Career Exploration Program should contact school administration for more information.