Optional French Programs

At CCRSB all Grade 4 to 9 students have the opportunity to participate in Core French classes, providing students with the basics that they need to communicate in French. If students are interested in moving beyond Core French, they can apply for one of our Optional French Programs:

  • Early Immersion - Start in Grade Primary 
  • Middle Immersion - Start in Grade 4 (Celtic Family of Schools only) 
  • Late Immersion - Start in Grade 7
  • Integrated French - Start in Grade 7

The application deadline for Integrated French and Late French Immersion programs has been extended to March 6, 2017.

Where are Optional French Programs offered?

Early Immersion: Truro Elementary School, Spring Street Academy, Elmsdale District Elementary and A.G. Baillie Memorial School.

Middle French Immersion: A.G. Baillie Memorial School, F.H. MacDonald Elementary and West Pictou Consolidated School.

Late French Immersion: Redcliff Middle School and Riverside Education Centre.

Integrated French: Redcliff Middle School, Riverside Education Centre, Highland Consolidated Middle School, E.B. Chandler Junior High and Springhill Junior/Senior High.

Information Sessions & Application Forms

All Immersion/Integrated French Program parent information sessions are postponed until further notice.

Early French Immersion – Information Sessions for Parents/Guardians

Early French Immersion is offered across CCRSB and has a Grade Primary entry. Eligible students must be starting Grade Primary in September 2017.

Application forms and associated information can be accessed here.


Middle French Immersion – Information Sessions for Parents/Guardians

Middle French Immersion is offered in the Celtic Family of Schools (Pictou County) only, and has a Grade 4 entry.

A.G. Baillie Elementary School 
Information to come.

F.H. MacDonald Elementary School
Information to come.

West Pictou Consolidated School
Information to come.

Application forms and associated information can be accessed here.


Late French Immersion – Information Sessions for Parents/Guardians (Grade 7 entry)

Application deadline information coming soon.

Redcliffe Middle School
Information to come.

Riverside Education Centre
Information to come.

Application forms and associated information can be accessed here.


Integrated French (Grade 7 entry) is offered at the following schools:

Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated (Riverton)

E.B. Chandler Junior High (Amherst) 

Springhill Junior/Senior High (Springhill) 

Redcliff Middle School (Bible Hill) 

Truro Junior High School (Truro) 

Central Colchester Junior High (Onslow)

Riverside Education Centre (Milford) 

South Colchester Academy (Brookfield)

Application forms and associated information can be accessed here.


The application time for all Optional French Programs is in the months of January and February each school year. At that time, you would apply to take an Optional French Program for the next school year, starting in September. Applications will be available online at that time; you will need the consent of a parent or guardian.

Once you have applied and been accepted to an Optional French Program you may remain in that program for the rest of your time in school.

If you would like to learn more about Optional French Programs you can call the French Language Programs Services Division at 902-897-8965.

What's the difference between Late Immersion and Integrated French?

Both Late Immersion and Integrated French begin in Grade 7 and can carry on through high school. The main difference between the programs is how much time you spend learning in French.

Students participating in Late French Immersion take all of their classes in French with the exception of English Language Arts, Physical Education, Music, Tech Ed and Family Studies, which are usually taught in English. Students participating in Integrated French spend about a quarter (25%) of their day learning in French through French Language Arts and French Social Studies. All other courses are taken in English.

Concours d'art oratoire

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) is moving forward with the Provincial Concours d’art oratoire on May 6, 2017. CCRSB students interested in independently preparing and presenting their speech at the Provincial Concours should speak with their classroom teacher. 





French Programs Contact Information

French Administrative Assistant 
Phone: 902-897-8965
Fax:  902-897-8947 

Regional French Programs Coordinator
Velma LeBlanc Dunn 
Phone: 902-897-8951
Fax:  902-897-8947 
E-mail: dunnvm@ccrsb.ca

Regional French Consultant  
Cheryl Ann LeLièvre 
Phone: 902-755-8135
Cell: 902-890-3476    
Fax: 902-755-8155
E-mail: lelievreca@ccrsb.ca

Cheryl Ann will be the consultant responsible for all four Families of Schools this year, approximately 74 schools. Her role is to support principals, teachers, students and programs.  This involves regional PD, site-based PD, student and teacher OPI interviews, classroom visits (announced and unannounced), parent meetings, information sessions, hiring, etc.

French Math Mentor
Melinda Crowell
Base School – Riverside Education Centre
Phone: 902 956-9591
Email:  CrowellMM@ccrsb.ca

Core French Literacy/Technology Integration Mentors Grades 4-12:
Angela MacLeod
Base School – Trenton Middle
Phone:  902 759-2970
Email:  MacLeodAM@ccrsb.ca
Lindsay Crossman
Base School – E.B. Chandler
Phone:  506 536-7745
Email:  CrossmanL@ccrsb.ca
Joan Wood
Base School – Riverside Education Centre
Phone:  902 758-4660
Email:  WoodJM@ccrsb.ca

Core French Literacy/Technology Integration mentors welcome the opportunity to provide on-site instructional support to French teachers, grades 4-12, in Core French, and Intensive French. Since French pull-out PD has been greatly reduced this year, the on-site support of literacy initiatives presented in past years will be a priority.  This support will be provided following the CCRSB Mentor Program Framework, with emphasis being on the coaching aspect, with a limited number of substitute days available for collaboration and consulting. Requests for support may be teacher initiated or principal initiated (specific groups, ex: new teachers, whole staff etc.).

Early Literacy French Consultant P-3 and P-6 Immersion Literacy Mentor:
Angele Saulnier-Nicholson 
Email: saulnier-nicholson@ccrsb.ca

CCRSB Local 902-897-8900 or Toll Free 1-800-770-0008