Monthly Reports

Today, Premier Stephan McNeil has announced a change in the school year calendar. Nova Scotia has fortunately been able to give our children an in-school experience. It is what the experts have continued to tell us is best for our children, and thankfully, so far it has worked.

We know that COVID cases tend to spike after major holidays, as it has in other jurisdictions. So, reflecting on the impact of the holiday break, and the importance of keeping children and families safe, the school break is being adjusted.

Public Health has confirmed that a case of COVID-19 is connected to Cumberland North Academy.

Out of an abundance of caution, Public Health is recommending that all students and staff at Cumberland North Academy be tested for COVID-19, whether or not they have symptoms

The school will receive a deep cleaning on Friday, May 7. Our teachers will continue to provide at-home learning as scheduled tomorrow and next week.