Superintendent's Annual Report to Parents, Guardians & Community

Strengthening Our Learning Community

I am pleased to present the Superintendent’s 2015-2016 Annual Report: Strengthening Our Learning Community. This report provides an overview of the priorities that have guided our collective efforts as a system over the past year. In my first year as superintendent, I felt proud to join a dedicated team of committed staff to help implement this plan.

The 2015-16 Strategic Actions undertaken, and referenced in this report, marked the final year of CCRSB’s 2013-2016 Strategic Plan. This report summarizes our efforts to not only complete the commitments of last year, but also to bring closure to numerous strategies that were implemented throughout the 2013-16 plan. A reality for us, yet something we acknowledge with excitement and welcomed challenge, is the fact that our work is never finished. Nothing is truly “checked” off our list. In true learning community fashion, we continue to analyze, reflect, learn and act upon new ideas in support of our students’ success.

In addition to a summary of achievement results, you will read many exciting accounts of innovation, technology integration, experiential opportunities, and the tremendous importance of student and community voice. Our Social Justice Framework continues to guide our focus on keeping relationships a priority. A great example of this focus last year was the reinvigoration of a critical conversation around issues of social justice, systemic racism, and a commitment to work towards the elimination of achievement gaps for our First Nations and African Nova Scotian students.

As you review this report you will come to appreciate the complexities of a public school system as large as ours. I trust you will share in our priority of collaboration and strong relationships, as these are cornerstones of the beliefs that drive and influence our work. As a true learning community, we look to each other for the support and insights necessary to best serve the needs of all students.
Wonderful things happen every day across our system. Our dedicated staff, parents and guardians, volunteers and community partners work together, in remarkable ways, in support of the belief that it takes a village to raise a child. Our CCRSB community is indeed special and we are extremely proud to share an accounting of our work through this report.


Gary Adams
Superintendent of Schools and CEO